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Visa Fee

A visa is required to enter Nepal except SAARC and Chinese nationals. One can get a visa at the Royal Nepalese Embassy or consulate or at the airport upon arrival. Two copies passport sized photograph are required to get visa.




Visa Fess

Single Entry

US$ 30 for 60 days.

Multiple Entry

US$ 80 for 50 days

Visa extension fee

US$ 30 for 30 days.

Re entry visa fee

US$ 30 for 30 days


# Children less than 10 years need not pay visa fee.

# If a visitor already visited Nepal and intend to visit again within same year (within Jan-Dec) can obtain entry visa paying US$ 30 for 30 days.


* SAARC: South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (represents Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka)

** If a person stays in Nepal more than 15 days and wish to reenter same year (Jan-Dec) will get free visa. (NEW)



You can also download the VISA APPLICATION FORM From here.


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