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Mountain Biking

Nepal Mountain biking is a tremendous way to see the exotic sights of our kingdom. The fluctuated land topography, diversity of plant and animal species, natural scenic beauty and cultural prosperity all work in complete harmony to make Nepal the best tourism spot for mountain biking tour.


Nepal offers diverse form of trail that ranges from tropical plane of Terai to the south, mid hills and lush valleys to the middle and high alpine land to the north. There are virtually millions of tracks out there so that one can rightly call it a “Mecca for Mountain biking.”


Mountain biking in Nepal is a great fun and a perfect way to discover Nepal’s great diverse landscape. You are likely to enjoy numbers of cultural heritages enlisted in world heritage list by UNESCO. Mountain biking tour in Nepal captures its natural beauty, breathtaking mountain views, picturesque villages and enchanting world of natural panorama. Your mountain biking adventure in Nepal is guaranteed to be full of quality guidance, fun and experience.


Kathmandu valley Mountain Bike tour is an exotic mountain biking covering all the corners of the valley. Riding the trails of the legendary Annapurna Circuit and the lower Mustang region, this mountain biking holiday in Nepal will take you to some of the most beautiful and unexplored places on the planet. Stunning scenery and great cycling across western Nepal diverse terrain, together with the friendliness of the local people, makes an unforgettable mountain biking experience.


Crisscross the hundreds of valleys, inhabited by the indigenous people whose lifestyle has remained unchanged for centuries, through terraced fields, rice paddies, rivers and jungles. If this is the experience you are looking for, Mountain Biking adventure in Nepal is your wise choice. Our love of cycling and passion for adventure and real life biking tour experiences is what drives us to deliver high quality mountain biking tours.

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